Waste Management Operation In Lagos State (Psp)

Waste Management Operation in Lagos State* (PSP).

Content of this article includes.
2. PSP
3. how to become a PSP operator in Lagos State
4. capital required for the operation of waste service
5. How PSP generate revenue.
6. Goverment support.
7. Duty of an operation
8. Challenges facing the PSP operators.

Lagos Waste Management Authority, is a government parastatal incharge of managing the waste generated In Lagos state.
Before now, Lagos was categorised as one of the dirtiest and (most) unhealthy state in the world due to the high heap of refuse that littered various parts of the state, no thanks to her poor waste management model. And if it continues it can make the state to be prone to infectious diseases, which can result to loss of lives and property.
During those period LAWMA existed but her tentacles was not extended judiciously to properly manage the waste that was generated in a megacity like Lagos in line with global best practices. It was on this note that the government called for private sector participation so that the aim and vision to drive Lagos to a clean and healthy environment for her residents could be attained .

*P S P*
PSP simply means “private sector participation”. It’s a group of private companies that are interested in partnering with the government in conjunction with LAWMA in the business of waste management with LAWMA being the sole regulator of their activities.
These group of companies are licensed by LAWMA and charged with the sole responsibility to carry out waste evacuation services within the state, their activities is regulated by LAWMA. Each PSP operator is assigned a particular ward (by the sole regulator, LAWMA) within a local government in the State. They are expected to collect and evacuate the waste within the ward they are assigned.
In Lagos State, we have 20 Local Government Area, and about 37 LCDAs. We also have wards in each of this Lcda, therefore a particular operator is assigned to a ward or more depending on the capacity of such PSP operator . Some are also assigned special duties like market, industries, e.t.c to manage the waste of such places.

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In line with the requirements of LAWMA, a person who is willing to become an operator must observe the following:-

I. Such person must have a minimum of *two(2)* trucks also known as “waste Compactor ”

II. The operator will be required to sign an MOU with the environmental department of the local Council development area in which their assigned ward is located.

III. The operator is expected to advocate and sensitise the residents of her ward of assignment on the need for proper waste management.

IV. The operator is expected to generate revenue from their assigned ward .


The following are some of the major capital required to operate the waste management services.
1. *Waste Truck* : The waste truck/compactor varies with respect to size and maker. Examples include, mandiezel, Iveco, TATA, Mercedes , to mention few. With 10million Naira, one can get a good and reliable waste Compactor. There are also the once above 10m and there are once below 10m.

II . Funds to kick start the business, which includes, securing an office space within the ward of operation, printing of bills, buying of diesel,payment of salary and other miscellaneous expenses which ideally can be budgeted for 2million based on practical experience.

I. PSP generates revenue primarily from their clients, ie those whose waste are been evacuated.
A PSP operator is expected to do enumeration of properties within their boundary and Bill them according to their compartment.
Base on regulation from LAWMA:
A room is #200
Room&parlour is #300
Roomself #300
Flat #500.
Shop #200
E.g A building consisting of 10rooms is expected to pay #200*10rooms= #2000 monthly and #4000 bi-monthly and so on.
Number of properties enumerated mostly determines an operator’s monthly internally generate revenue, which is usually above #1 million Naira on a monthly basis.

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II. PSP also generate special revenue from the commercial and private Enterprises within their assigned ward.

*Government support*
The state government in a bid to make sure that Lagos is always clean, also do support operators in _under develop environment_ of the state with monthly stipend termed “bridging” . This is due to the level of poverty in such area,which makes the residents to be indebted to the operator which is most likely to cause the business to flop.

A PSP operator is expected to service a street (within the allocated ward) once in a week and 4 times in a month.
Refuse evacuated from this street is taken to the nearest government regulated *dumpsite* . E.g Olushosun dumpsite at Ojota e.t.c
An operator is also expected to have daily routine plan showing their operation roaster as this will help resident know when to expect them.

I. Mechanical fault associated with the truck.
II. Poor road network of some areas.
III. High debt been incurred by their client.
IV.Goverment policy.

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